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Avacare health is an integrated healthcare group functioning in the African region through the distribution and supply of mainly pharmaceuticals, medical disposables and medical equipment.

The Group has associated offices in the regional areas and participates actively on the ground in those regions. By developing and nurturing long-term relationships with various high quality principles, we are able to supply the market with quality and affordable products for the African market.

The birth of our Group took place in 1996 with a vision to make a difference to the people of the Africa. Our Group is uniquely known as the Avacare Health Group. The innate passion and commitment to deliver timeously has helped us make our mark in the pharmaceutical and healthcare arena.

Achieving success is about having drive and we believe that “Yesterday we were good, today we are better and tomorrow we shall be great”. Yet the journey to greatness is not defined by a man’s success or one company’s success or the success of the Group. Our greatness lies in the ability for us as a Group, to make a difference to the lives of the people of Africa and for our products and services to be accessible in every part of Africa.

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  • Caring for Africa

    Our motto is “caring for Africa” and that is what we intend to achieve in everything we do.

    Dr Vikramkumar Naik CEO Avacare Health

  • Africa is a special place unlike anywhere in the world.

    Africa is a special place unlike anywhere in the world. It has its challenges but it is a place we call home.

    Dr Vikramkumar Naik CEO Avacare Health

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