our people

We are a group of dedicated and talented individuals who are passionate to ensure that each of our efforts leads to the success of our vision. We have a diverse set of knowledge, skills and competencies within the group and firmly believe in education and the development of people not only within the group but people across the African Continent. It is through collaboration, team effort and the attachment to the common vision that inspires our group to deliver great results.

Our group has been on a journey from birth to adulthood and through this process we have developed an unique culture. We believe in diversity and inclusion, and our diverse group of employees from various countries and backgrounds bring something unique with them, which defines us as a group focused on innovation and transformation.

The Avacare Health Group’s value proposition offers our employees:

• the opportunity to be empowered through direct leadership access
• the support of strong working relationships through proximity to managers and subject matter experts
• an atmosphere of collaboration and cooperation, mentoring, consulting, and exchanging ideas
• access to information and learning from each other to enhance their skills and knowledge

our leader

With great pleasure we take the opportunity to introduce the founder and CEO of the group, Dr Vikramkumar Naik. It is Dr Naik, an anaesthesiologist who started his career in the coalface of African hospitals, that has created a strategic vision that has led to the success and growth of our Group. His vision began with the realisation that Africa required better quality affordable medication and supplies, and dedicated his life to make sure that this objective was fulfilled.

His extraordinary personal leadership approach has brought and still continues to bring people together. It is through our visionary leaders that today, we as Group, are able implement ideas into results, translate dreams into reality and
transform challenges into success, not only with one company or country but across the African continent.