Protect Your Eyes from Sun
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Your eyes are very precious and so it is very important to ensure that you protect your vision at all times. The sun emits dangerous UV rays that can render one blind if excessive exposure occurs. There are two types of Ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun,namely UV-A and UV-B. Elongated exposure to these results in a number of eye problems. Macular degeneration,cataracts,pterygium and corneal sunburn are some of the problems associated with over exposure to the sun. What steps Can you take to protect yourself from the Sun? Firstly, know the dangers of UV rays. Secondly. wear proper eye protection and hats that block UV rays. A wide brimmed hat or cap is most effective as it will block at least half of UV rays. Additionally, eyewear that absorbs UV rays gives you the most protection. This includes prescription and non-prescription glasses, contact lenses and lens implants. Take comfort in knowing that protection does not cost a lot of money and does not get in the way of seeing clearly. So go on and take the necessary steps to protect your eyes from the sun. For more information click on the link below.

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