A broad approach to healthcare in Africa


Our Integrated Solutions

Whilst most generic pharmaceutical companies have established themselves by investing, improving and advancing a small number of niche therapy areas, Avacare Health has differentiated itself by adopting a clinicians approach to healthcare in Africa. Avacare Health’s only focus is on the overall disease burden within Africa as a continent.

Our commitment is to improve the state of health of all Africans by providing a full suite of high quality, cost effective healthcare products geared at addressing the most dire diseases and health risks facing the african people.

Avacare Health believes in giving back to the society through education and training. As such, Avacare helps arrange regular CMEs and workshops to further the knowledge of the continents’s medical care providers, who in turn ,can educate thousands of patients with what is most relevant and beneficial for them in the ever evolving field of medical science.

The regulatory standards in Africa are quickly catching up to the rest of the world and it requires a company with international exposure and experience to keep up with the changes. Regulation is an important focus for the Group and over the years we have developed a highly skilled team of regulatory pharmacists to manage the dynamic and complex regulatory environment.

Our local presence in all the major SADC markets also gives us the advantage of making use of the SADC regulatory body collaborations. This enables us to fast track dossiers simultaneously in multiple regions. This reduces the time taken for new and improved pharmaceuticals and technologies to become available in the region.

We aim to be the leaders in the development and management of intellectual property. From humble beginnings as traders, the Group has transformed itself to becoming an advanced marketing company with and ever-growing quality intellectual property portfolio.

What needs to be done

The scourge of HIV and the inherent opportunistic infections such as TB, malaria, other URTi’s and neoplastic growths that follow have not only placed a large financial cost on poverty stricken government but also have far reaching social implications on families affected by these diseases.

There are six major tenants to be tackled in order to beat this dreaded disease; AIDS. These can be separated broadly into the following categories: