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avacare training

Avacare Training is a proud member of the Avacare Health Group, the leaders in healthcare services throughout Africa. Avacare Training is involved in the provision of world-wide ground-breaking training solutions for the overall benefit of the Avacare Health Group and the countries the Group serves.

We also are aware of the huge pressures that are put on the operations of each subsidiary of the Group and therefore also offer an e-Learning platform that allows for training to take place at more convenient times under the control of the particular staff member.

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Avacare Training understands the challenges faced with developing and up-lifting staff to make a meaningful contribution to the business. We therefore realise that crafting a value – adding solution for our Group is the pinnacle defining our destiny and growth.

Africa will not be able to uplift itself without adequate skills development and particularly in the healthcare industry. The Group has very ambitious plans to assist in many ways. Whether it is through one-on-one interactions with medical practitioners, CME workshops, e-learning platforms or training colleges, Avacare Health will be partnering with Africa every step of the way.